Lifestyle Financial Planning is not offered by all financial advisors – in fact, in the UK, most don’t concentrate on it. It’s the approach we believe is the best for our clients though as it doesn’t just look at products and services but explores what you want to get out of life so that a strategy can be put in place to get you the money you need to do it.

As lifestyle financial planners we also take note of what others who adopt the same principles are saying. One such person, and a passionate advocate of lifestyle financial planning, is Paul Armson.

Paul Armson is the founder of Inspiring Advisers, a community of like-minded advisers who focus exclusively on lifestyle financial planning that is tailored very specifically to the individual needs, wants and lifestyle desires of their clients. Paul believes in focusing all financial advice given on the needs of the client, not on the needs of the adviser – and he practices what he preaches. As with our own ethos at Global Financial, Paul Armson believes that as an industry, we should have a duty and a moral obligation to tell our clients the truth about their money. Only when we are less focused on the financial products on offer and the investments we can secure, can we really ensure that our clients live the life they desire.

By concentrating on our clients’ end goals, we don’t just help to put them in a position where they have enough income to do the things they have always dreamed about, but we also help them plan not to have too much! What’s the point of dying with a glut of money in the bank if it means that you have missed out on opportunities to do the things you always wanted? We only get one life after all, and with the right financial advice, we aim to help our clients really live it.

We are always happy to speak to you about lifestyle financial planning and the benefits it can offer, but if you would like to do a little background reading on your own then we highly recommend Paul Armon’s book, Enough?. It’s easy to digest, whatever your current level of financial knowledge. Furthermore, this book is not just about your finances, but about your life, and the importance of that can never be stressed enough.


What is your magic number? How much money do you really need for the rest of your life? The sad truth is that so few people know where they are headed financially, but when you think about it, this isn’t actually that surprising. There are so many variables! What will happen if you live longer than planned? What about the likelihood of having to fund your children? What happens if you lose your job? Even if you have a fortune saved up and know you are secure, is this really enough? And if it is, then why are you still working? This book looks in depth at ways to realise your magic number – the number that is unique to YOU and will enable YOU to live the lifestyle you truly want. Step-by-step instructions introduce you to the concept of developing your own financial plan and the straightforward manner in which it’s written will leave you with plenty to think about, without being overwhelmed.


We always encourage our clients to get involved in their financial journey, but we are of course there to help them along the way. If Paul Armson’s books give you an interest in Lifestyle Financial Planning, please get in touch to speak to one of our specialist Lifestyle Financial Planners.

*We recently partnered with Lifestyle Financial Planning expert Paul Armson, author of “Enough? How much money do you need for the rest of your life?” to write the forward for this incredible book that tackles that very question.

This article does not constitute financial advice and should not be construed as such.