What is life centred financial planning?

While the term is more readily understood in the USA, there is some confusion in the UK over what exactly a life centred planner is. That’s understandable as, in the entire country, there are only 100 registered life planners.

Global Financial is proud to offer life centred planning and to belong to this exclusive number of registered, trained life planners. We are unlike traditional financial advisers in that they only offer financial advice – we offer so much more than that.

Life centred financial planning brings together the more advanced elements of life coaching with the extensive knowledge of the financial plans that must be put in place to help put you on the path to achieving your dreams.

Life centred planners are NOT the same as a life coach

There are elements of coaching involved, but the main difference is that a life coach will speak about themselves, whereas a life centred planner will listen to you.

How often have you heard a life coach talk about what they can help you achieve? You won’t get this with life centred planning. Instead, we will prompt you to dig deep and come to the realisation yourself of what you want to achieve, and we will then work with you to find ways to make this happen. We are not the masters of your destiny, but we help you become masters of your own destiny.

Life centred planning is NOT the same as financial planning


But again, there are elements of financial planning involved. Money makes the world go around and, of course, you will need it to achieve many of your dreams.  We can guide you towards the most suitable financial solutions, savings and investments to achieve your goals, but your goals are always the main factor. In fact, when we work with new clients on the life centred financial planning process, they are often surprised when, for the first few meetings, we don’t even question them on the savings they already have. That’s because lifestyle comes first, whereas money is simply the necessary factor to get you on the path to that lifestyle. There is no point at all in us questioning you on your financial details if we don’t first know what you want from life. Once we know that though, we can work to formulate a life centred financial plan that will give you the financial freedom to achieve it.

To contact a registered life planner in West Sussex – and remember that there are only 100 of us in the UK as a whole – please get in touch. We’re ready and waiting to develop a custom-made road map with you to offer you the peace of mind that you are on track financially for the future you dream of.

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