Wealth management advice for West Sussex, Surrey and beyond.

Effective wealth management is achieved when we combine your financial planning with the management of your investment portfolio. We aim to generate the most favourable outcomes to help you manage your wealth, grow it in an efficient manner and, ultimately, put you in the best position possible to be able to achieve your lifestyle goals.

We help individuals, businesses and trustees across West Sussex, Surrey and the surrounding areas to manage their wealth effectively.

Our technical knowledge of wealth management enables us to apply tailored investment, tax and retirement advice, and we have the practical experience to implement plans and strategic solutions that suit your needs in the short, medium and long-term.

Managing your assets effectively is, of course, important regardless of your level of assets, but in certain cases there will be circumstances that are more complex than average – this is particularly true of higher income individuals and those with greater investable wealth and we have many years of experience working closely with high net worth individuals and understand the complexities that can arise.

Financial planning

Ensuring your finances are effectively managed, in line with your long-term plans

Retirement planning 

Continual planning and management of your wealth for the days following your retirement

Investment solutions

Creating suitable and sustainable investment solutions for the greatest long-term management of your wealth

Tax and estate planning

Minimising the tax you must pay and protecting your wealth for present and future generations

Specialists in wealth management

We offer wealth management advice to individuals, businesses and trustees in West Sussex, Surrey and beyond; taking time to understand your requirements, offering suitable financial advice and always being adaptable to your circumstances as they change and develop in the future.

Your financial worth can be a highly sensitive subject which is why we feel it’s so important to operate with complete transparency and to forge genuine relationships. We won’t take on every person who contacts us as a potential client, but if we truly believe we can support you and can form a solid relationship, we look forward to helping you realise the full potential of your investable assets.

Speak to us about wealth management across West Sussex, Surrey and the surrounding areas.