Estate planning for West Sussex, Surrey & beyond

Estate planning goes beyond simply offering tax advice. It enables us to look at the long-term picture and make the most of the legal schemes available to suit our clients’ needs well into the future.

Global Financial Ltd works in association with approved accountants to find the most tax-efficient ways to manage your estate.

The importance of estate planning

Inheritance tax is a major problem for many families. Since the turn of the millennium, house prices have seen dramatic increases far above the rate of inflation, but with this increase in wealth, even relatively modest estates are now facing a tax bill of 40%.

We firmly believe, however, that with careful estate planning and the ability to think outside the box, any potential tax liability can be significantly reduced or even negated altogether. We have experience in all aspects of estate planning, ranging from a simple nil-rate band discretionary will trust to more aggressive trusts and all the main inheritance tax mitigation schemes.

Our goal is to ensure that you make full use of all tax allowances and reliefs available to you and as part of the financial planning process we ensure that where possible:

  • Partners apportion assets between each other in the most efficient way
  • You make use of all your ISA allowances each year
  • We fully utilise your capital gains tax allowance
  • The most efficient tax wrappers for your goal and tax status are selected
  • You are advised on the most efficient way to sell personal or business assets
  • We minimise the effect of inheritance tax on your estate

Get in touch to discuss your concerns. Together, we will come up with the best way to keep as much of your finances with yourself and your family as possible.