Savings & Investments Advice for West Sussex & Surrey clients

We all want as much return as possible from our savings and investments, but the opportunities for the highest return naturally come with a larger risk factor. To determine your comfort level and to plan the best investment strategy for our clients, it is important that we understand your attitude to risk. After completing a simple risk questionnaire, and depending upon the results, we will create an asset allocation model for your portfolio. This means that we use our solid understanding of risk and return for each asset category, to allocate your assets amongst them in a way that accurately represents your attitude to risk and provides you with a balanced portfolio that you are completely comfortable with.

How savings & investments advice benefits you

We advise on investments for individuals, trusts and businesses at every level. The size of your wealth is not what determines whether you can benefit from these opportunities – in fact, the same investments are open for all. We create complete investment solutions for our clients, which blend a number of interlinked products. We are resolute in our approach and we seek to utilise every conceivable tax break, favourable legislation, special deal, provider extra allocation and government incentive available, in order to maximise your overall benefit.

Would you like your savings to grow?

At Global Financial Ltd your immediate savings are viewed as opportunities to enter into short to medium-term accounts of less than five years, where appropriate. These accounts are a low-risk home for your savings and can also help to reduce your overall risk if you hold other asset classes, such as equity and property.

But what about income tax?

We are great believers in utilising all available allowances in order to optimise your financial situation and make the most of your money – it is important to take advantage of all available tax-efficient, deposit-based investments. The National Savings range presents a very positive opportunity for individuals to maximise their net returns and they can provide a guaranteed hedge against inflation.

There are various investment opportunities available to you in the UK, Europe and Worldwide, some of which include:

  • Cash
  • Fixed interest
  • Corporate bonds
  • Government gilts
  • UK equity
  • Managed funds
  • Global equity
  • Distribution
  • Currency funds
  • Property funds
  • Discretionary funds
  • Money market
  • Protected funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Absolute return
  • Derivatives
  • Direct shares
  • Cautious funds

Find out more about our full range of investment solutions. We are always happy to speak with you regarding advice on savings and investments.