Private Medical Insurance

We provide accurate levels of private medical insurance to businesses across West Sussex and Surrey, which would face difficulties if their staff required time off work due to sickness.

Within any business, staff illness can be costly; productivity can decrease alongside with staff morale, with remaining employers facing increased workloads and extra demands on their time.

Providing your employers with comprehensive private medical insurance ensures that, should they need it, they will gain prompt access to consultants and private medical care in quality assessed hospitals, thus reducing the likelihood of extended absence and increased workplace disruption.

  • Easy arrangement of treatment
  • Flexible excess limits
  • Easy transfer from existing private health insurers

For individuals and families, we also offer a wide range of personal insurance and protection solutions.

Corporate Medical Insurance

As with pension schemes, corporate medical insurance can be considered an additional benefit that can aid in the recruitment and retention of staff. As fully independent financial advisers we source the very best overall scheme in order to meet the specific needs of clients, businesses and staff across West Sussex, Surrey and the surrounding counties.

Our group schemes offer various scales of cover to suit all levels of staff and are available for businesses with as few as two staff members, up to many hundreds.

Discuss how securing the right corporate medical insurance can protect your business from the implications of staff illness.