Strategic financial planning for the long-term

We offer a variety of products for both individuals and corporate clients and we spend considerable time and energy ensuring that our knowledge is fully and continually up-to-date. That being said, we strongly believe that selling products shouldn’t be the sole focus of financial planning, which is why we prefer to look at the bigger picture.

As holistic financial planners, we consider the big picture

We build committed, long-term partnerships with our clients. Our task is not to foresee the future but to enable it.

The only way to create an effective financial plan is to understand our clients’ personal ambitions. Our ‘fact finding’ process is unlike most firms, in that we conduct an initial meeting prior to it, where we engage in a conversation to ensure that we can work successfully together in partnership. If, after this meeting, we are happy to take you as a client, and you are happy to engage with us, we then move on to the fact find. This is not only to obtain information about your current financial position but to put us in a better position to question and guide you towards your financial goals. Any form of financial planning without a goal is simply a journey – we are concerned with your final destination.

We don’t just seek to determine how much you have to invest, but we aim to understand the motivational factors behind your investments. Financial planning should be a continual evolvement throughout life and knowing your goals is what enables us to compile a full, complete and strategic financial plan.

Our established four-step process enables us to provide all our clients with a valuable service for life


During your free, no-obligation, initial consultation, we seek to understand your financial goals, desires and priorities. We don’t want to simply establish your current financial position; we want to determine where you wish to be in the future.


Taking the time necessary to truly understand your current situation and needs, we work together to develop a bespoke financial plan that will enable you to reach your goals.


Armed with the knowledge of what is possible and where you want to be going financially, we support you in implementing the necessary processes.


Evaluation is crucial in order to assess how your financial plan is meeting or exceeding your expectations. Continual reviews guarantee that we can make changes whenever necessary.

Financial planning process

Would you like to benefit from strategic long-term financial planning that takes a holistic approach?