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As potentially the biggest financial undertaking you will ever make, awareness of the type of mortgage available to you is key. The good news is that there are some 2,000+ mortgage deals on offer in the UK, and as fully independent financial advisers, our West Sussex and Surrey mortgage advisers have access to all of them and can help you with the difficult decision in determining which is the best one for your needs.

We can quickly scour the market to find out which mortgage is the most appropriate, given your financial circumstances, plans, attitude to risk and other preferences. Whether you are a first-time buyer, re-mortgaging, or an existing home mover, we can advise and help you to secure the best mortgage possible.

Our mortgage advisers are specialists in various types of mortgage and are always fully independent in our advice. Click on one of the three icons below to find out more.

Types of mortgage available to you

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Factoring your mortgage into your financial plans

Your existing mortgage is likely to play a significant role your overall financial plan as we will generally seek to repay your mortgage borrowing as quickly as possible.

Mortgages are frequently the largest debts that an individual owes, yet man firms choose not to advise their clients on mortgages or loans; we believe however that advice on any type of debt must come prior to any investment solutions we recommend.

We offer mortgage advice for clients based in Horsham, West Sussex, Surrey and beyond.

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