Live for today, plan for tomorrow. That is our ethos and it’s at the core of everything we do here at Global Financial. There’s a very good reason for it too because quite simply – tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

That might sound scary, and perhaps even a little bit ‘glass half full,’ but actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth. And that’s because the moment you accept that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed you also realise that today is. How wonderful!

We are all here, living and breathing in the here and now, soaking up each precious moment and (hopefully) making the very most of them.

If you’re not, then why not?

There’s a bittersweet tale of an 80-year-old man who, one day, looks at his wife and realises she looks more beautiful than he has ever remembered. She is wearing a lovely new dress; one that she had hanging in her wardrobe with the expensive tag still on while she waited for an occasion special enough to wear it. This was the day. As for the special event? It was her funeral.

How sad to hold on to something that’s right in front of you for so long and never get the chance to appreciate it.

It’s the perfect example of why you should live each moment and not put off what you could do today until tomorrow.

Today is guaranteed. Tomorrow is not. 

So why is this tale important? Because it helps us focus on making the most of the opportunities we have in the present. That, naturally, will also get us thinking about the future.

How do you envisage your tomorrow? Do you even know?

If not, then that’s ok, and we can help you.  While tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, it is still a good idea to think on the bright side, assume that you will be here and start putting in place the steps needed to make sure that you are in a strong enough position financially to do everything you desire. (Within reason, of course…)

Through lifestyle financial planning we can identify the opportunities, the likely financial impact and any roadblocks that might stand in your way. We can help you to not only plan for tomorrow, but by giving you the security that comes with having an awareness of your financial position, we can help you live for today with more ease.

You only live once. So do it well.

We are here to help you live for today, plan for tomorrow, and enjoy life for all it’s worth. We help you not to make the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons at the wrong time.

To speak to us about planning for the best future you can imagine, please get in touch.

This article does not constitute financial advice and should not be construed as such.