A bespoke lifestyle financial plan delivers personal and financial freedom

to enjoy the lifestyle you desire

What exactly is lifestyle financial planning?

Lifestyle financial planning is not so focussed on how much you can secure financially, but on how much you need to secure, in order to fulfil your future goals and ambitions throughout your lifetime. This modern practice flips the traditional approach to financial planning on its head. We do not start by determining what you have to invest and then selling you a product based on that.  Instead, we seek to understand what you ultimately want to truly achieve throughout your financial journey. We begin with the future you aspire to and then we work backwards to determine the best way to get you there. Selling products and investments is not the primary focus. With lifestyle financial planning, it is you that comes first. Implementation of financial products and services is secondary. During this discovery stage, we will ask questions that may appear obscure and challenging, but they are designed to ensure that your hopes and dreams are realistic.

  • Understand the reality of your current financial position
  • Realistically project where you are headed financially
  • Highlight any short and long-term pitfalls in your financial plan
  • Identify potential obstacles that could affect your financial security
  • Arm you with the knowledge of what you need to do to achieve financial freedom

Why do you need a lifestyle financial plan?

Ensuring that our clients have the most carefully considered bespoke financial plan in the present, is the best way to put them on the path towards the financial freedom in the future.

Every person is facing their own unique financial challenges and it would be naïve to think there was ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, which is why lifestyle financial planning looks at your individual situation and the factors that could affect your long-term lifestyle goals.

How does lifestyle financial planning actually work?

We put in place detailed financial plans that are completely bespoke to you and that reflect the likely opportunities and obstacles at each step of your financial journey. Using advanced projection software, we consider not only the most complex of financial scenarios but also the lifestyle markers that may influence these.  We naturally look at your financial situation, but we also explore your personal circumstances, both in terms of what motivates you now and how you envisage your future. We are not limited to one scenario and we can run multiple projections based on various factors unique to you.

What you chose to do with your financial plan is up to you. We can, of course, help and advise you to move your plan forward, but the true value is in the plan itself. Your lifestyle financial plan will highlight your desired destination and present you with a realistic vision of how you can get there.

To find out more about lifestyle financial planning and how it can help you achieve the financial freedom you desire for your future, please contact us for a no-obligation talk.

Find out more about lifestyle financial planning and how it can help you achieve the financial freedom you desire for your future.