What is a lifestyle financial plan?

We develop lifestyle financial plans for clients across West Sussex, Surrey and beyond who want to have solid control over their future – this is a specific approach not practised by all financial planners, which is why we often get asked;

“What is a lifestyle financial plan?”

This forward-thinking look at financial planning examines your lifestyle goals in depth, so as to generate a realistic plan to help you achieve them. It does not simply look at what you have to invest, but what you need to invest, or generate, to give you the lifestyle you desire and the financial independence you dream of.

A lifestyle financial plan builds a financial plan around not just what you have now, but what you will need in the future. It combines human empathy and understanding with advanced software and projections to explore likely occurrences and the impact that a number of possible scenarios would have on them.

Why do you need a lifestyle financial plan?

Lifestyle financial plans for clients in West Sussex, Surrey and beyond

Life rarely works out completely as planned and there will always be curveballs along the way. Families change and new people will enter your life and affect it in ways you couldn’t have imagined (new partners, children and grandchildren being the most obvious). Sometimes other people will leave your life unexpectedly. With this comes a natural evolution in our hopes, goals, dreams and desires and consequently, the path we need to take to be in a financially strong enough position to achieve them.

Think your personal life is fairly ‘static’ and under control? Then what about the government? Over time there will inevitably be changes in policies and changes in tax laws; the implications could be that your savings and investments need a revised strategy and a fresh look at how they are working for you.

We help individuals in West Sussex, Surrey and beyond to explore their goals and desires so that we can develop a lifestyle financial plan that puts them on the right tracks towards achieving them. Remember though, that your lifestyle financial plan flexible. No one is going to force you to follow it and if there are things you would like to change or things that change as time moves on, we can update it accordingly.

Without a plan, you’re not giving yourself the best chance to achieve your dreams.

That’s what makes lifestyle financial planning different from traditional financial planning. Traditionally, it was all about how to generate the most money possible without considering if that would enhance your lifestyle. Is simply having ‘as much as possible’ really a good retirement plan though?

Our bespoke financial planning software then generates multiple scenarios around likely, or possible, life events, as well as those events that you would like to happen – travelling around the world, for example.

There are no limits to what you can do. It’s your life at the end of the day and we just want to help you enjoy it. Our role as lifestyle financial planners is not to advise you on how to live your life, but on how to have the financial freedom to live it the way you want.

But what if you don’t know what you want to do?

That’s ok. You don’t have to have all the answers right now, you just have to start thinking about the questions:

What is important to you?

What are your dreams?

What makes you happy?

Find out more, or to speak to us about developing a lifestyle financial plan.