John & Dee Slugocki

John and Dee are married and live in Sussex.

They are both happily retired.

Their life ambition is to feel a strong part of their community and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Why did you start working with Global Financial?

We first approached Global, at the recommendation of Dee’s headteacher (she worked in a school), in early 2015.  John was hoping to retire later that year and needed advice on pensions and investments.  John had been made redundant/changed employment several times, so there were ‘pots’ of money in different places.

How did Global Financial help you?

Kate visited us and took details of all our financial assets and assisted us in producing a risk assessment and financial forecast.  She investigated all our assets, even finding a pension John had completely forgotten about.  Kate then met with us again and advised us when and where best to invest the different pensions John had.  Some were worth combining into one pot for investing, others were cashed in.  Kate’s advice on this we felt was invaluable.  It seemed quite a muddle to us.

What makes them different?

So many companies are ‘faceless’, with personnel changing too often to build up any kind of personal touch and rapport, but we feel Kate and Global Financial know us and understand what we want in life.

What has been the main advantage of working with Global Financial?

We feel we have, with Kate, a person we can deal with on a one-to-one basis whenever we need advice.  Global Financial has enabled us to feel financially secure for the future.  Should our circumstances change, we know we have only to contact Kate and she will give us the advice we need. On a couple of occasions, we have needed to withdraw small amounts of money from our investment for home improvements etc.  Kate has organised this with the minimum of fuss and delay.

What advice would you give to a new client considering partnering with Global Financial?

We would not hesitate in recommending Global Financial to anyone needing financial advice as they really get to know you and what you want your life to look like, then they work with you to come up with a realistic plan to make sure it happens.

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