It’s all about balance

At times like these, we realise just how important balance is.

Balancing the risk vs the likely reward is something that we, as financial advisers, will have spoken to you about numerous times, as your attitude to risk will no doubt have influenced the type of fund that we put your savings and investments into.

In the interest of balance though, we are also now telling you that, while your finances are of course important, so is your emotional capacity to ride the current storm.

Human beings are, by design, a species that relies greatly upon social interaction and, in our lifetimes, we have never before had our freedom of movement taken away from us like this. Petrol is at its cheapest – but you can’t drive anywhere. Many of us have more free time than ever before – but planes aren’t flying and we can’t take a holiday. Summer is finally on its way – but we can’t see our friends and enjoy time in a pub beer garden, or even have a BBQ with them in our own back gardens. Never before, has life seemed less balanced than it  does right now.

And that’s why, for at least the next hour or so, we’re going against the grain and telling you NOT to think about your finances, but to think about what you can do right now to keep yourself sane and maintain a sense of calm.

Fresh air always helps

It’s a cliché but it really does. We might not be able to enjoy all the outdoor activities that we once could, but that’s not an excuse to stay home and watch Netflix all day. Go out for a long walk, breathe in the fresh air and we can guarantee you will feel just a little calmer.

But Netflix IS still allowed

Now is not the time to start strictly enforcing those screen time rules you usually live by. Sure, when the world was ‘normal’ it was ok to put a limit on these things, but if you start depriving yourself of the things you can still do, you will soon start to feel like there is nothing left to enjoy. Found a boxset you want to binge? Go for it! (But still try to get fresh air at least once a day…)

Embrace technology

It’s not the same as a face-to-face meeting, but there are still ways you can keep in touch with people and stop yourself feeling isolated and alone. Platforms such as Zoom allow you to connect with multiple people at once. Your Friday night drinks with friends don’t have to be cancelled, you just might have to change it up a bit and all connect remotely from your own homes – on the upside, no one has to be the duty driver!

Nourish your body

This is perhaps the hardest one at the current time as the temptation to enjoy a bottle of wine and a large bar of Dairy Milk each night is going to be stronger than ever, but this will only leave you feeling guilty later on. It’s about balance though, so we are not saying you should deprive yourself, just that you should enjoy these things in moderation.

Restrict your news viewing

It’s important to know what’s happening and we don’t for a moment suggest that you ignore the latest news updates, but there is really nothing to be gained from checking the news every hour. This will only make you more anxious. If your heart flutters when your phone beeps with a breaking news bulletin – unsubscribe from them. We can guarantee that you will get to know about it anyway, but do this in your own time, when you choose to watch the news, and don’t let every update impact your happiness and mental wellbeing.

Be sympathetic to the struggles of others

Children will struggle during the warmer months when they can’t go out to play. If there is something else that brings them happiness, such as staying up later to watch a movie with you, perhaps relax the rules a little and let them. Those you live with might be snappier than usual – as might you! Know that it’s really nothing personal. Finally, the family dog that is used to snoozing all day and having just one or two walks a day might not want to suddenly be dragged around the block by every member of the household. Remember that he needs balance too 😉

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