The wedding industry has taken a hit these past 18-months, with many matrimonial celebrations being rearranged due to Covid-19. Hopefully most have been postponed rather than cancelled altogether, but one thing is for sure, when the industry comes back fighting and couples are once again allowed to say ‘I do’ in front of a decent-sized crowd, prices are going to be higher than ever to make up for the shortfall.

Wedding are costly, there’s no denying that. Even doing it on a budget is going to come in at a hefty price and for many couples weddings are one of the biggest expenses you will ever face outside of buying a home and getting a mortgage.  You want to enjoy the experience though – you don’t want to be focusing on how you will afford your wedding – you should be living in the moment and looking forward to it! As a provider of lifestyle financial services in West Sussex, we help clients across the whole of the south-east to get themselves in the best possible financial situation for their future, so that they can enjoy it, free from worry. When love takes over and their future could be about to get more expensive, this is all-the-more important.


Our approach is very much centred around lifestyle financial planning. We understand the need to think about the short-term and the factors that are affecting our clients in the here-and-now, but what also needs consideration is how you can practically put in places steps to achieve your future goals. By factoring in how much you can really afford to spend on your wedding, you will be a in a better position to avoid any upset when the dream wedding you or your partner were hoping for is looking like it might be unaffordable. Armed with the truth about your financial situation, you can accept early on that there may be a need for cutbacks, or if you have your heart set on something specific, we can explore your finances and look at options from a different angle to try and find a way to make that possible for you.

Getting your finances in order is something you should never delay and once done, you should revisit your financial situation continually. We would always advise clients not to put off today what they can leave till tomorrow but should cupid strike and a spontaneous proposal be on the cards, we are of course more than happy to celebrate your news with you while helping you plan for the engagement, wedding or Honeymoon that you are hoping for.


To discuss your financial future and to see how our financial services benefit clients across West Sussex, Surrey and nearby, please get in touch and arrange to speak to one of our independent financial advisers. Whether it’s enabling you to afford your dream wedding or giving you the peace-of-mind to think about it in the future, we’re always happy to help.

This article does not constitute financial advice and should not be construed as such.