There are plenty of ethical investments that allow you to place your funds in alternative schemes that are just as likely to perform well and will not leave a mark on your moral conscience. Clients don’t always know where their savings are being placed but we are fully transparent and always happy to tell you how exactly your funds will be used. If you are concerned about any of them, there will be no pressure to proceed and we can guide you through a number of alternative options, ensuring you are fully aware of the potential return as well as any possible risks.

Ethical investments are, thankfully, not difficult to secure. This is thanks in a large part to the increased awareness of green and sustainable living and some of the highest rated and newest available products to the investment market now being ethical by their very nature.

There are two main ways in which you can invest your funds ethically. Either you invest directly with the project in question (for example a wind farm or a fair-trade company) or you place your investments into an ethical fund that holds shares to be traded on the stock market – we are happy to advise on both of these. Alternatively, you may simply like to ‘block’ a particular type of investment, such as weapons and armaments.

You have a choice! There are plenty of alternative investments available, meaning that you don’t have to help fund any of the following:

  • Human rights exploitation
  • Animal testing and abuse
  • Nuclear weapons and armaments
  • Environmental damage and pollution
  • Factory farming
  • Pornography
  • Alcohol and tobacco


Ethical investments are wrongly perceived at times to result in less of a return. This is not necessarily the case. As with any investment, their value may go up or down depending on what is occurring in the marketplace, but an ethical investment is not at any greater risk than any other type of investment scheme and in some cases, your investment can actually grow faster than non-ethical funds.

With so many alternative investments available, we look at everything on a case-by-case basis so that we can offer the best advice for your circumstances and investment aims. You can do good in the world, and still make a healthy return.

Interested in finding out more about ethical investing? Contact us to discuss the alternative investment opportunities available to you.

This article does not constitute financial advice and should not be construed as such.