We’re all just here for a limited time, which is precisely why we should enjoy life to the fullest. As firm believers in following our dreams and passions, it was a natural progression, therefore, that our business model began moving a few years ago from standard financial planning to lifestyle financial planning.

What’s the difference?  There are many, but essentially, ‘lifestyle’ financial planning involves planning your finances according to the lifestyle you aspire to, rather than simply saving and investing without as much emphasis on the ‘why?’

  • Why should we save?
  • Why should we invest?
  • Everyone knows we need money, but why?

Understanding your ‘why?’ is key to being able to plan how much you need both now and in the future. What are you passionate about? What lifestyle would make you happy? Does your financial situation allow you to enjoy those things?


Cycling the length of the United Kingdom was something that was always on Geoff’s bucket list and so, back in 2019, he took the plunge and signed up to the almost 1,000-mile journey from Land’s End in Cornwall to John O’ Groats at the northern tip of Scotland, with 53,529 feet of ascents.  Covid-19 threw a temporary spanner in the works and meant that the planned 2020 trip didn’t occur, but earlier this month, Geoff finally got to tick an item off his bucket list and raised over £4,000 for charity in the process!

The moral of the story – life is short. It’s easy to say we want to do things ‘one day’ but unless that day gets given a date, it will probably never happen. It may be that you’re in a position to tick items off your bucket list now, or it could be that you have to wait. If you are not in the right financial position to go for your dreams straight away though, the important thing is to not just sit back and say, ‘one day…’ Pick a date, then make it happen. If you don’t know how to begin, that’s where lifestyle financial planning comes in!

We’re always keen to speak to you about your dreams and then develop a workable and realistic plan to make them happen.

Get in touch to discuss your bucket list with us.

This article does not constitute financial advice and should not be construed as such.