Frequently asked questions about Financial Planning, Global Financial Ltd & how we work

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1. How much do you charge for your services?

We always offer an initial half-hour meeting for no charge. Our fees will then depend upon how you wish to engage with us. Our minimum fee for basic work is £600, with a sliding scale starting at 3% for all sums invested. Should you wish to have a lifestyle financial plan designed for you, the fee will typically be £1,895. £595 is payable upon engagement and the balance payable on completion of your plan. As a guarantee, should you feel that the completed plan does not add value as agreed at the outset, we will not charge for the balancing payment.

2. Why should I choose Global Financial Ltd and not a different company?

We are a local company and we aim to ensure that your specific needs are dealt with in an individual way, by creating your own bespoke financial plan. We concentrate on what you want to achieve, rather than merely choosing a product or tax wrapper for you.

3. Why do you need so much information from me?

If we are to work together, we see this as a long-term partnership, so we like to be truly informed on all of your financial affairs and aspirations, to ensure we can provide the best possible financial planning to you.

4. Can I get one-off advice or do I have to sign up for an ongoing service?

We will provide project-based advice, around building you a financial plan, but we are not in the market for transactional advice.

5. What are the benefits of your ongoing service?

Regular assessments keep your financial plan on track and review where you are headed financially.

6. Do I have to sign a contract?

All clients sign a Terms of Engagement. Either Party can terminate the agreement with 30 days’ notice.

7. What guarantee do I have that I am getting the best advice?

We are totally independent and regulated by the FCA.

8. Do I have to come to your office or will you visit me?

Ideally we would like a meeting at our offices, but we will meet you are you offices or home if that is more convenient or appropriate.

9. How often will we be in contact?

At least annually and often more than that, depending upon the level of service you require.

10. Will I get regular statements and updates from you?

Yes, you will get a statements annually as a minimum.

11. Is there a client portal?

You are able to log into our Client Portal with your own secure client code. This will enable you to see the latest valuations and documents that we have available to us. You can also update some of your own personal details, should a change occur (such as an email address) together with seeing previous Financial Planning Reviews.

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