Ellen lives in East Sussex where she’s an executive coach and owns her own business.

She has a much-loved dog called Tinker.

Her life ambition is to pursue her interest in travel and enjoy many more rounds of golf in new locations, both globally and locally.

Why did you start working with Global Financial?

My financial adviser was retiring so I needed to find a new one to help me navigate the challenges of savings and investments and retirement planning; financial strategy and investing is a foreign world to me! I initially moved to a new financial adviser but very quickly realised that I was just one of many clients and did not have confidence that my needs or business would be a priority. Then a friend introduced and recommended Kate to me.

How did Global Financial help you?

Kate very quickly ‘got me’. I needed to know to feel that my financial adviser understood me and my short/long term plan, so they could advise me accordingly. I had worked in organisations for 25 years but had recently gone self-employed. She listened to me and I was able to tell from the outset that she was working out what my agenda was, and then coming up with a way forward to support me; not promoting an internal or ‘one size fits all’ approach.

What makes them different?

Unlike the interim adviser I worked with, I feel that Kate (and Global Financial) offers a personal, bespoke service and I do not feel that I am being channelled into a company model; she has sorted out my finances so that I have the right risk level, a range of investments and a plan for my retirement. We meet when we need to, but she is always on-hand if anything occurs between our catchups, or to advise me. Global Financial are always very accessible and responsive so I am never left in limbo. Despite the various challenges in the market over the last few years, along with Brexit and more recently Covid19, Kate and the firm remain in constant touch, reassuring and advising me through the ups and downs.

What has been the main advantage of working with Global Financial?

A personal, bespoke, tailored approach where a level of understanding and trust is developed over time. This might seem a requirement of all financial adviser relationships, but in my experience, it has not been. These attributes are highly valued by me.

What advice would you give to a new client considering partnering with Global Financial?

Just talk to them about you; let them explore your agenda and see how it feels. This is almost more intimate than surgery, as you may never see your surgeon again. But with your finances, you need long term assurance and contact to make sure you can achieve your objectives. I think you will intuitively feel the difference.

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