Covid-19 has given us the chance to reflect and reset our life path

What is normal though?

A month and a half ago, it wouldn’t have been to separate ourselves from friends, family and colleagues. It wouldn’t have been to avoid shops, bars, restaurants and gyms. It wouldn’t have been to cross the road when we saw a friendly face approaching us in a bid to avoid contact.

BUT… it probably also wouldn’t have been to value our health and wellbeing so much, to truly appreciate what we have, to make sure our neighbours are ok and to really sit down and reflect on what we need and desire in the long term to make us happy.

Are you heading in the right direction?

The reality is that, while it’s been said we are all in the same boat, we are not. Some people live in flats with no garden. Others live in large, spacious detached houses. Lockdown will, of course, be more tolerable for them. Some of us have children and partners now at home which can be fantastic but can also add a level of strain that we’re unaccustomed to. Others live alone and would do anything for that extra strain. Some are struggling for work, have been furloughed or have less disposable income than they did previously. Others have never been busier and are financially now better off.

We are all on different boats

What’s important, is to ensure that the direction of your own boat is on course for where you want to be.

Downtime gives us the opportunity to reflect and formulate a plan for our life path and for what you would like to achieve after your retirement.

It’s never too late to start dreaming and it’s never too late to ignite a fire about a passion or future goal. As soon as this fire is lit, it’s all about planning. Do you want to retire abroad? Do you want to own a classic car? Do you want to spend more time visiting other countries? Whatever your dreams, once they start becoming a reality in your mind, we can work together to make them a reality in life too.

This is what lifestyle financial planning is truly all about.

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