Ethical financial planning, backed by a strong charity ethos

It’s our firm belief that all profitable organisations should give back to the community, which is why we developed a charity policy that would reflect both the nature of our business and the personal causes that are supported by our team.

Charlie Hilton – promising & ambitious youth golfer

Chestnut Tree House – Sussex children’s hospice

Nkuringo School based in Uganda, Africa

Charlie Hilton - Sponsored by Global Financial Ltd

We are keen to share our passion for lifestyle financial planning with people of all ages and we encourage them to put in place actions to achieve their long-term dreams and ambitions. This is why we sponsor a promising young golfer, Charlie Hilton, from Ifield Golf Club in Crawley, West Sussex. Charlie is just 15 and we strongly believe that he has the potential to achieve his ambition of becoming a professional golfer. The equipment, clothing and competition entrance fees required to give Charlie this exciting opportunity don’t come cheap though. Global Financial Ltd are proud to sponsor Charlie. We have every faith in his abilities and we look forward to watching him develop further and achieve his life’s dream.

Geoff Dyckes fundraising for Chestnut Tree House

Our local chosen charity is Chestnut Tree House, who play a fundamental role in enhancing the quality of life for children with progressive life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses. Chestnut Tree House is the only children’s hospice in Sussex. They provide specialist palliative care to over 300 children and young adults from birth to 19 years of age.

Global Financial Ltd are heavily involved in local sponsorship events throughout the year, from organised charity walks to sponsorship of fundraising balls and other major events.

Children eating at Nkuringo - sponsored by Global Financial Ltd

The financial requirements for a basic education and a hot meal in countries like Uganda are minimal when compared to the UK, yet so many children are not afforded these basic luxuries that we take for granted. When we heard of the Nkuringo School in late 2014, and how they were in desperate need of finding the funds to educate 60 children, we were in a fortunate position to be able to help. We sponsored 12 of these children as a company and called upon our network of contacts to secure sponsorship for the remaining 48. Each of these children is now receiving an education and a hot daily meal.

Know of an appeal that our ethical financial planning team may be interested in?

We don’t have a specific charity budget or a set number of causes we will support. There are many good causes, both locally in Sussex and Surrey, and abroad. Unfortunately, we cannot always support them, but we will always consider any type of help that we might be able to provide, either financially or otherwise.