Putting you first to understand your dreams and ambitions and help you achieve the lifestyle you desire.


    Blending inspirational lifestyle planning with first-rate independent financial advice.

Our lifestyle financial planners give you peace of mind and financial freedom

Why lifestyle financial planning?

Based on Billingshurst High Street, just outside of Horsham in West Sussex, our lifestyle financial planners build life-centred, goal-driven relationships with clients across West Sussex, Surrey, and the South East. We ask questions such as ‘If you had more time or money, what would you do?’ and ‘what do you need to accomplish to feel you’ve had a life well lived?’ Then we align your life goals with your financial goals to make these things happen.

We develop solid lifestyle financial plans that put you on the path to realising your life dreams and ambitions as quickly as possible.

Lifestyle financial planning recognises that we’re all different, and the best financial advice is tailored not towards the ‘products’ (pensions, ISAs, etc.) but towards the person. We seek to understand your core values and aspirations for your future, but also for the life you want to be living now. Then we help you start living it as soon as possible.

We don’t just hope for the best – we plan for it.

Lifestyle financial planning

We partner with businesses and individuals across West Sussex, Surrey & the South East to discuss what makes you tick and understand the life you want to live. Then we make your finances work and put you on the path to make this lifestyle you dream of a reality.

Traditional financial services

We prefer to take a long-term approach to your finances, but at times you may be looking for a straightforward investment solution or some advice from a truly independent financial planner. As independent financial advisers, we always offer what we believe to be the right product for you personally.


As one of a handful of the UK’s only Registered Life Planners® through The Kinder Institute of Life Planning, we are trained to look at the whole picture.


We are focused on you and what you want from life, not just your money.

Wherever you want to be, we want to help you get there.


We flip the traditional financial advice model on its head, starting every client experience with an in-depth conversation to discover and explore your individual aspirations. We want to hear what’s important to you first.

Success isn’t about the money you have, but your ability to enjoy it.

How much money is enough?

We’re conditioned to believe that the more money we have in the bank, the better, but we believe that before you look at the ‘how much do I need?’ you should look at the ‘why do I need it?’

Without knowing what you want from life, how can you know what ‘enough’ looks like?

It may be that you already have enough – and you just don’t realise it.

Could you retire earlier than expected?

Could you already be living your dream life?

… if so, why aren’t you?

It’s all about the ‘Why?’

Helping you achieve your desired lifestyle is at the heart of everything we do as life planners. We offer a wide range of independent financial services to individuals and businesses and we believe strongly in bringing it all together under the principle of lifestyle financial planning.

What do you want to achieve in life?

How can we structure your finances to make this happen?

The owl represents the deep connection we share as humans, with vision, wisdom, good judgement and knowledge. The owl also symbolises change or transition. It can represent an upcoming event that will affect or improve our life and take it in a new direction. The owl is at the heart of our brand.

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    **Please note that due to government guidance all staff are currently home-based, but able to meet in the office for pre-arranged client appointments

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