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The best financial planning can help you achieve the lifestyle you truly desire

Anyone can sell you a product or investment solution, be it an ISA, a mortgage or a pension. We do more than that. At Global Financial Ltd we do not simply invest your finances to tick a box. Instead, we deliver financial planning and advice that is completely bespoke to each individual – it naturally follows that each financial plan is specific to that individual, too.

We take a long-term approach to your finances. We don’t base investment decisions solely on your current financial position, but we project and analyse where you are headed in the future. If your lifestyle goals don’t add up with your financial projections, we reassess your plan to put you on a better path.

We help you develop your personal financial plan, so that you can experience the lifestyle you desire. Our solutions are bespoke to you and your individual circumstances. We only ever offer advice that we believe will advance you closer to your goals.


Financial Planning in West Sussex for individuals

We work in partnership with our clients to formulate solid financial plans to achieve their long-term lifestyle desires. With a detailed financial plan in place, we can draw upon our knowledge to recommend the best ways to fulfil it. At times, however, you may be looking for a straightforward investment solution – as fully independent advisers, we will always offer what we believe to be the right product for you.

Financial Planning in West Sussex for your business

Through a range of corporate protection policies, we can put measures in place to ensure that your business will remain in a position to operate, should you find yourself facing unforeseen circumstances that might otherwise have threatened its survival. We provide business protection insurance for Surrey & Sussex businesses, as well as those further afield.

Lifestyle financial planning in West Sussex

We firmly believe that lifestyle financial planning is the most effective way to successfully achieve your ongoing and future ambitions. Understanding what you are striving to achieve in the short, medium and long-term puts us in the best position to help you realise these dreams and ambitions – engage with Global Financial Ltd and you can be assured that you will have the best opportunities to achieve the future you desire.


Advanced Projection Software

Supported by advanced software that analyses how key lifestyle markers will impact your finances, we can project long into the future to produce a range of financial scenarios that you may face.

Holistic Approach

Bespoke financial planning to help achieve your future ambitions is at the heart of everything we do – your end goal is never overshadowed by processes and products.

50 Years Experience

Global Financial Ltd was incorporated in 1967 and has grown steadily to become a highly-respected financial planning organisation with over 10,000 individual, corporate and trust clients worldwide.


Global Financial is a locally based financial planning firm, with a wealth of experience across the team.

We work in partnership with our clients to create a financial plan specifically tailored to them, having understood what the client is striving to achieve in the short, medium and long term. Global Financial and their clients choose to work with each other, with the view that their relationship is for the long term. We are in business to help clients realise their dreams and ambitions – engage with Global Financial and you can be assured of regular reviews to ensure your financial plan remains appropriate.


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